The “Castle” type front suspension is completely new yet uptodate and adjustable, inspired by the 1930’s models. The spoiler, in addition to increasing the torsional characteristics of the fork, has a remarkable aerodynamic effect in keeping the front wheel adherent to the ground. This effect is automatically cancelled at the time of braking.

The frame is characterized by a “lamellar” construction, to obtain strength and flexibility, as indicated by the most recent dictates adopted by the actual best performing racing bikes.

An extraordinary control system in the driving position allows raising of the handlebars over 25cm, whilst lowering of the saddle up to 6 cm and adjusting the footrests and commands. With these characteristics the “Model X” adapts and can be carried out both in athletic and in tourism stance.

Depending on the requirements, the driver can customize the driving position choosing to use alternatively the rear footboards or those front, working them simultaneously.

The braking system is similarly innovative and exclusive, based on a front caliper operating by 12 pistons with forced air-cooling and a rear caliper by 6 pistons.


Two rear shock absorbers and working in traction reduce torsional stresses on the frame.

The engine uses an exclusive Matchless design, which has been established and tested. It is a 56.25° V twin 1916 cc fuel injection, with separate gearbox. To improve the engine cooling and the driver comfort, both exhaust pipes are front oriented, and a fan has been installed beside the rear cylinder, automatic operating when the temperature become too high.

The front head lights are adjustable to facilitate the visual in the toughest conditions.

Careful study has been placed on aerodynamics, especially on the handlebar controls, rear-view mirrors and the lights direction, whilst great care has been dedicated to horsepower allocation, vibrations “quality” and final noise to obtain the maximum driving pleasure.

The fishtail mufflers emit a distinctive sound, which has not been heard for a long time. Handlebar vibrations make the rider feel that there is a big beating heart. The throttle response is smooth and immediate, maximum torque and power are made at low speed and therefore, immediately usable.